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  • Avatarmarmitako
    June 18, 2020 @ 7:23 am

    Hi, morning
    I updated GDPR Cookie Compliance at Premium Add-on (thanks for your gift, a great detall) but in the config screen (menu options) I see options rows in orange color but no at catalan translated.
    It’s this normal or I must doing something else?
    Best regards

    Moove AgencyMoove Agency
    June 18, 2020 @ 8:25 am

    Hi @marmitako

    Thanks for using our plugins.

    Can you please send us a screenshot so we can see what you see?

    It’s possible that the Catalan translation is available only for the free pat of the plugin, not the premium one but we can check that for you.

    June 18, 2020 @ 7:35 pm

    I’m sorry.
    This is the screenshot.
    Can you check if the translation is available?
    In the event that the translation is not available in the premium option, how can I translate?
    Best regards,


    Moove AgencyMoove Agency
    June 23, 2020 @ 8:36 am

    Hi Hector,

    You can translate all content that appears on the front-end for users.

    The backend premium tabs cannot be translated.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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