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    April 28, 2020 @ 9:10 am

    Hi everyone,
    I’m configuring the plugin, but I haven’t understood what I have to add in each section (Head-Body-Footer)”Add scripts that you would like to be inserted to the HEAD section of your pages when user accepts these cookies”

    Can you help me please?

    Thanks in advance

    Moove AgencyMoove Agency
    April 30, 2020 @ 6:52 am

    Hi @silviotrisorio,

    Thanks for using our plugins.

    The Head scripts will be inserted to your <head> section of the site. The Body scripts will be inserted right after the <body> tag and the Footer scripts at the bottom of the content.
    The third-party tracking scripts like Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc.. provide details where to add these tracking scripts, see below:

    Google Analytics - Instructions

    Google Tag Manager - Instructions

    If you have issues with the tracking script setup, please speak to your developers and ask to help with the implementation.

    Hope this makes sense.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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